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Fuelled by the idea that biomass pellets can be  produced locally  at low cost and sold with high margins to replace charcoal for cooking, Swedish founders Mattias Ohlson and Per Löfberg first ventured into Zambia in 2010. Their company, Emerging Cooking Solutions (ECS), established in 2012, is now recognized by the World Bank among others as a true pioneer in clean cooking. Joined by Marion Peterson in 2013, their vision of replacing charcoal and fossil fuels with sustainable biomass fuels for cooking, heating and power generation is still what is driving the business.

Since its introduction to the market in May 2013, ECS has sold about 230 tonnes of pellets, branded SupaMoto®, and 3,000 domestic gasifying cooking stoves. 

We have also designed locally built high-power institutional pellet stoves, of which 70 so far have been sold to large kitchens in Zambia. Today, approximately 200,000 meals are prepared every month using SupaMoto® and our stoves. Growth would most likely have been higher with proper funding and sufficient stock levels.

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