SupaMoto®: the new energy for Zambia.

Supamoto® is the solution to your energy needs. We offer a new kind of fuel, made in Zambia specifically designed for both households and businesses.

What we do.


Supamoto® is high-tech.

We make pellets out of sustainable forestry waste and we sell stoves that run on pellets instead of charcoal. Our stoves are built with an internal combustion system that produces clean gas emissions from the pellets—producing a hot, clean flame. This reduces cooking time by as much as 75%, allows for indoor cooking, and keeps carbon monoxide at bay. Our stove's flame is so strong, it's more energy efficient than even an electric stove!

SupaMoto® is healthy.

By cooking with Supamoto, you ensure that you and your family are not inhaling the dangerous amount of carbon-monoxide fumes produced by charcoal. It also is safer for children to play around without the risk of getting burned. Your family spends a lot of time near the stove, so we've created a technology that allows you to rest assured that their health is preserved.

SupaMoto® is focused on the future.

Zambia is a country with great resources and the potential for tremendous growth. The charcoal industry is extremely destructive to our country's future vitality. If we continue to cut trees for charcoal at this rate we are facing deforestation and the loss of one of our greatest resources. SupaMoto® gives you a chance to be part of the solution and invest in Zambia's future—by using pellets instead of charcoal, you are playing an active role in preserving our country’s ressources.

SupaMoto® is cheaper.

For most households, SupaMoto® pellets are 30 to 40% cheaper than charcoal, so you will save money when you switch over. A 16-kg bag will last you for up to two weeks of daily use. You save money daily on fuel and your investment in a high-tech stove that will last many years will pay off in the long run. 

SupaMoto® is power-cut proof.

Zambia is in the middle of an energy crisis, and most of us are adjusting to daily loadshedding. SupaMoto® is the solution to your power-cut needs. All of the products we sell are designed to power your family when there is no electricity. In partnership with Awango by Total, and other leading solar product companies, we offer solar-energy systems with powerful chargeable lamps, which also allow you to plug in your mobile phones and other small devices. Never miss another text message!


Our Products

Our Stoves & SupaMoto® Pellets

We sell Solar Home systems and Solar lights that charge phones and can charge the MimiMoto stoves.

We sell Solar Home systems and Solar lights that charge phones and can charge the MimiMoto stoves.

SupaMoto pellets and products can be found in most Total filling stations in Zambia and at our offices in Lusaka and in the Copperbelt. 

To find out more about SupaMoto and where you can purchase our products, call us or visit us!

Lusaka Office
0211 295 117 or 0954 530 823
9160 Lunsemfwa Road, Kalundu
10101 Lusaka

Copperbelt Office
0950 672 985
JB Building, 121 Accra Road, 2nd Class

Sweden Office
Per Löfberg
+46 73 502 31 57
Ideon Science Park
Scheelevägen 15
223 70 Lund

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